Can you only migrate computer objects to target for source with existing user/group accounts in the target

We were recently acquired by another company in which we need to move our resources "ONLY" to the new “target” domain.  Currently, ALL our users already have accounts in the target domain that were NOT migrated via Quest MMAD.  We want to see if it’s possible to move all workstations and servers to this new “target” domain WITHOUT a trust and map their current “source” user account to their “target” accounts so the resource manager can do the rest.  Basically, we need to migrate all computer objects to a new domain where the users were NOT migrated over but manually created prior:

Source UN format:   steve.smith

Target UN format:   smiths


Thanks and welcome any feedback or suggestions.

  • Here is a KB for the restrictions with a trustless migration.

    You'll still need to use QMMAD to match the users of the two domains if you want to use RUM to migrate the workstations.
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    Thanks for the link - We will NOT be doing any Exchange migrations. We're only focusing on workstations and servers. How do you match the users in the source and target? I know that QMMAD will need to be in the target since not trust is possible during this migration.
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    You can review the documentation here.

    For questions that are more business need specifics you can contact your Account Manager to be put into contact with our Pre-Sales Team as Technical Support is trained in the technical operation of the tool only.
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    You have to do a "Migration Session" to merge the source and target objects. This will populate the AD LDS DB with the required data.

    You will do a migration session using an Import file ( At a min you will have the source and target SamAccountName in that import file. Skipping the rest of the attributes.
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    Good stuff Chris! I did and waiting on their feedback. I like using all the resources I can so I can report back to management with possible solutions.
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    Jeff - can you confirm the URL - I get Page Not Found
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    1. Renaming of objects can be performed using an import file. The import file must be a Unicode text file (if ANSI or UTF-8, all but the first column will be ignored).Text entries should be TABseparated (delimited). The header is mandatory and should contain at least these two entries: SAMAccountNameSAMAccountName One object per line should be specified. The syntax of the import file would be:

    SAMAccountName SAMAccountName
    sourceuser1 targetuser1
    sourceuser2 targetuser2
    sourceuser3 targetuser3
    sourceuser4 targetuser4

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    Thanks all for the information. So, I'm guessing I need to create a new Source and Target Domain pair - Then go through the Migration Session wizard to populate the AD LDS DB with the required data via the import file. Once this has been completed, then I can focus on the Resource Updating Manager section?
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    Yes. The power of the tool is not it ability to create user objects, it is it ability to translate permissions. So you need that mapping information inside the tool so RUM has something to work with to translate the permissions.