Process roaming profiles on a file servers (possible with RUM?)


I was wondering if roaming profiles residing on a file server can already be processed by the RUM or does it still needs to be done with vmover to process the ntuser.dat file?

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  • The server where the profiles exist needs to be processed, along with the workstations, with the "Roamin Profiles" checkbox checked.
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    Thanks for your answer.

    I was wondering because there is still a Quest article specific for roaming profiles that reside on a file server.

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    Absolutely. You can either user RUM the GUI or vmover. Essentially, RUM, is a front end to Vmover. Vmover you have a little more flexibility. You can run multiple instances at once, process just volumes, not entire machine, etc.
    Up to you, as long as you process both the file server where the profiles exist, and the workstations after.