With RUM, Getting warning 'Remote Registry not started' error, Service is set to auto with 'trigger start'

With RUM, Getting warning 'Remote Registry not started' error, Service is set to auto with 'trigger start'


How can

a, Get RUM to send a 'trigger' to remote registry service on remote desktop (so it triggers / starts the remote registry service.)

b, on desktop remove the "Automatic (Trigger start)" requirement, so it just starts as a 'regular auto service.


NOTE, i want this solution to be GPO able please.


I just want RUM to 'discover' PC without the warning.

Thanks in advance

  • This is a warning message, not an error. The remote registry is needed for a processing and move task. Both of these tasks offer a pre and post script that can be used to start remote registry service.

    If you want to reconfigure the service to automatically start, that should be a simple GPO to create and implement.

  • In reply to Jeff Shahan:

    Thanks, using the "pre task' with a 'netsart remoteregistry' could be a option.

    However there is a lot of machines, there is a GPO in place to set the remote reg service to 'auto'. The issue is it is setting the service to 'automatic' with a TRIGGER start. In the GPO i cant seem to make it a plain "auto' start (Without the trigger).

    Any solution to have the service start with out the TRIGGER condition ?

  • In reply to Shane Lee:

    Or has RUM been updated to trigger the auto service, remote registry TRIGGER, and start it ?
  • In reply to Shane Lee:

    Hi, any update on the 2 solutions, 
    -Set the soon to be Migrated PCs remote registry service to Auto start without the Trigger, 
    -Updating RUM to 'TRIGGER' the remote registry service on PC

  • In reply to Shane Lee:

    Hi Shane,

    With regards to setting the remote registry service. As Jeff pointed out you can do that with a script. There is no option within RUM to trigger the service directly.
  • In reply to Chris.Holley:

    As this is a purchased tool that is meant to automate and made things simpler (otherwise script the lot and save $) surely there is an solution to this. Triggered services have been around for a while and RUM still doesn't trigger the trigger for the service that is needed for processing and moving the machine.

    in the meantime, in the pre field, i was thinking netstart remote registry, does it know the machine or does that have to be stipulated?

    Any recommendations on using the 'pre' field?


  • In reply to Shane Lee:

    Have you looked at this article, might help you