How does MM handle O365 licenses?

Migration Manager 8.14.

How does MM deal with different Office365 licenses? My current customer has both E1 & E3 that will be assigned. I know I configure the license type in each collection, but what happens in these two separate scenarios?

1. We migrate the user objects to the the target domain (just AD, no mailboxes right now), AAD Connect syncs to the cloud, and we assign E1 & E3s, enabling only SharePoint. What happens if I take one of those users with an E3 and put them in a calendar sync collection configured for an E1, or vice-versa? Does it change the license or leave it alone?

2. If a calendar collection is configured to use an E3, then all users in that collection get an E3. What happens when those same users are also added to a mail sync collection that is configured for an E1, or vice-versa? Again, does it change the license or leave it alone?



  • If the mailbox already has a license assigned to it, the MAgE will skip that step. You can read the attached KB for further information.
  • In reply to Chris.Holley:

    So if I'm understanding the article, it answers my question regarding scenario #2. But in scenario #1 there would be no Exchange license. So if an E3 is assigned to a user and only SharePoint selected, QMM would see there is no Exchange license and with the default settings they would get the entire E3 plan assigned. What if the collection the E3 user is in (again no Exchange, just SharePoint) specifies E1? When it doesn't see the Exchange license will it change the plan to E1?
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    It would see that an E3 is already assigned and move on. You would have to go in and manually set the exchange online portion of the license.

    So regardless of your setup... if the MAgE see's any license assigned to the user it will skip the step.