QMMEX - New project or existing one?

Hi there, We already have a QMMAD installation which has ADLDS installed and configured to perform AD migrations.

When I install QMMEX, do I choose the existing project created by QMMAD installation or create a new one just for Exchange Migrations?


  • If you're going to be migrating mailboxes that belong to the AD users in that project you will use an existing project, and then during the project setup when you are on the ADAM/AD LDS Project information you will put in the information to connect to the AD LDS database.

    If the mailboxes do not belong to those users you will need to create a new project.
  • The project is called "Migration Manager". It can be installed to support AD, Exchange or Both. As Chris pointed out, it depends. Normally this tool is installed by trained and certified consultants and/or employees trained by them. This is because there are a number of moving parts in an Exchange migration that could cause impact. So care should be taken.
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    Thanks Chris. That answers my query. Its the same users as the AD project.
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    Hi Jeff, This is in a test environment. When we go into production, we will look to Quest PS for support. Thanks.