Buying more licenses for new project (Exchange Migration Manager)

Im migrating a serveral diffrent departments (same corparate group) in to a central mailsystem, first company is done and we used up all the licenses, i have now created a new project for the next department (all have theire own mailsystems)and bought new licenses but they are already used by the old project? Im i doing something wrong when adding the licenses? Seems like the licenses does not stack (e.g. 100 licenses and then buy 50 more i would say i have 150 but it says that i have 50)

  • Installation of license keys is not cumulative. If you need 200 licenses (150 + 50), you need to ask for a 200 license key.

  • In reply to JohnnyQuest:

    JohnnyQuest is correct here. You will need to contact your Account Manager or reply to the email that had your license attached and request the cumulative license file for the original purchase amount and the additional licenses.