How to import tape created different backup software

Hi All,

One of our customer is currently using different backupt software of Netvault. I don´t know his software. I have his tape.


Is it possible to restore his data through Netvault? Does anyone know of an import method for migrating tape data created in different backup software into Netvault?


Does Netvault have reader for any other backup product?


My client and my company has tape of lto-05.


Thanks your help.

  • Hi Fabio,

    NetVault cannot read or restore any other media that was backed up by another software. Most backup software is proprietary and it can only be read by the software it was backed up with. If you need to restore that data, they will need to find out the software used to do the backup, or if it is critical, then contact a data reclamation company who specializes in recovering raw data from media.