I need a guide on how to add iSCSI vtl on DR4300 to Netvault Server running on Dell Poweredge R430 server

I am looking at backing up an Oracle Server to Dell DR4300 appliance. I know you need to create an iSCSI VTL on the DR4300 and add it as a target device to Netvault server. Any documentation or guide on this?

  • There are a couple different routes you could take here. If Oracle is running on Windows, Linux, Solaris you could create and RDA container. This would allow client sided dedup before sending the data directly to the RDA container. If the server is running AIX or HPUX you would indeed need to create an iSCSI vtl on the DR and attached that NetVault. Remember once you create the iSCSI vlt on the DR you will add it as a tape library in NetVault. It emulates and STK L700. This link should be able to assist you. support.quest.com/.../release-notes-guides
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    Thank you so much Scott. Your comment is highly appreciated.