CLI to list savesets

I have over 1PB (logically) of data to review and expire to free up disk on 2 dr-4100s. This is over 50,000 jobs/indicies/etc. The GUI is cumbersome and it will take weeks to go through everything job by job. The load time alone to get to the oldest set is 3-5 minutes (Load more 3 times) and then the list has to refresh once an operation is performed on one or more savesets.

I know that I can input a list of savesets into nvexpiresaveset and have it do the work for me but getting the information is the problem. Is there a CLI option to list savesets from disk storage? All the CLI utilities seem to be geared towards tape media.

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    I've looked into this, and I can't see a way to do this outside of just entering alot of the saveset IDs into the command itself. You bring up a good idea though. We should have a feature in "Explore Storage" to be able to filter, then export a list of savesets for disk and tape devices, that way, you can copy that into a batch script and run it to remove the savesets you want in bulk.
    You should however be able to go into "Explore Storage" and ctrl-click all the savesets you want to remove, and then remove them with the "Remove" button at the bottom of the screen. Have you tried doing this?
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    Thanks for looking into this Andre,

    I was able to get some mileage by expanding my view to 500 items and doing a lot of scrolling an clicking.

    Export would be nice but it would have to separate the saveset into a separate column to be useful. Even a report that includes saveset information would work since that can be exported but I can't find saveset as a field in any of the nvreport -help fields lists.
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    Yes, there isn't a report for it either, another option to consider. I can put some considerations into a feature request. Just let me know what you would find to be most useful.
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    I've spent a lot of time learning how to customize reports but I think I'm in the minority there. It would be very useful to me to have it available as a reporting field but I think for easy quick usability, exporting the list from the explore screens would be the most bang for your buck.
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    I agree. If you used NetVault pre-10 you probably remember we had a pretty deep reporting tool. You could pretty much create 1000s of reports with hundreds of options and functions - I believe they removed this so they could meet the demands for the new-look NetVault as it was too much of a beast to overhaul, but they are bringing it back to some capacity I've heard, and they have been adding more reports and fixing bugs with reports on each release. So, hopefully it will be making a comeback into the product and work as well as it did in the past.
  • "nvmediadetails -all" will list all savesets on all media (disk, tape, etc). The saveset numbers are also included in the output., as well as other pertinent information about the savesets. This output is very easy to parse and drive other commands. For example, you could easily make a script expired savesets older than a specific date.
  • You can use nvmediadetails on a DR. I did use ./nvmediadetails -label 'Dell DR (netvault)' > /tmp/DR.txt with success.

    Also there is nvrestore which will give you Client, saveset IDs and date
    ./nvrestore -list
    WIN2012R2_NVBU10        File System     Test path to backup log (Saveset 4) 08:44 12 Mar 2015
    WIN2012R2_NVBU10        File System     Diskto C test to Virtual Disk (Saveset 3) 13:48 09 Mar 2015
    WIN2012R2_NVBU10        File System     Test to drive (Saveset 2) 13:40 09 Mar 2015