error code 29 on backup operation

Running Netvault with same client. Server and client are on different subnets. Client is rhel 6.9, client firewall is off, selinux is currently permissive.

Service starts/stops fine. Client can be added to netvault. Firewall and access checks both pass. Everything is good, but 2 parts. I cannot change settings for the client in netvault such as checking "client is outside firewall, or port ranges", and backup attempts fail with

Failed to open a RDA connection to ''. Error Code 29. 'Operation timedout'

Ideas? I had before and that did not work either. I have other clients, also on different subnets from the netvault appliance, they work fine.

Selinux shouldn't need to be off, does it? Only thing I can think of is the network firewall might be blocking something. What ports should be opened for this to work?

  • That sounds like your firewall is blocking traffic from NV to client. Can you access the logs from the firewall and filter on the clients ip in order to see any drops? I have seen similar behaviour in our installation, that was due to the fw dropping traffic.
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    I can't but I know who can. Also, when running a job, it "starts" but waits for media.

    Edit, ok so I had the fw watched as I ran a job and it gave a couple ports. Is it possible to set netvault, either the appliance or the client, to use certain ports? Otherwise, it is like a really large range or ports that would need to be opened, like 500, and that just seems really bad.

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    So firewall ports got opened up, same issue still happens. Is there anything else on the client to look for?
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    Is the DNS working correctly? Both forward and reverse lookups from client to server and vice versa?
  • Has SELinux been disabled to briefly test if the FW is blocking traffic?
    Also, are you only having issues when backing up through RDA?
    Are you able to test with another device, such as VTL or tape library?
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    Dns is fine. Nope, it ended up being a plugin on the appliance, for the client. It was set to pass through operation. Apparently, that was enough to mess it up.
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    I'm having the same issue can you please state what plug in was causing the issue
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    Hi I think he is meaning that the RDA container on the DR was set to Passthrough Mode as opposed to using RDA - not certain how that would affect traffic though, unless there is a limit on bandwidth since passthrough will send everything and RDA will dedupe the data before traversing the data channel....