How to use the Hyper-V Plugin


so I just installed the Hyper-V Plug-In (or "Plugin", as what is it called within the NVBU Console). I have NVBU Version 11.4 here. What is the next step to backup the VMs running on my Hyper-V 2016 Hosts? I tried to create a new backup job, but then this:

Where do I add servers/targets for the Hyper-V Plugin, so my Netvault Client (the Server named "NetVault-Mgmt") sees the actual VMs and/or the actual Hyper-V 2016 Hosts I have?

This guide says I have to install the Plugin on the Hyper-V Host. But how? Just doubleclick the plugin on the Hyper-V Host (hv-11-4-0-4-Windows.npk)? I don't think my Host even recognizes what to do with a npk-File (also, I have no desktop on t he Hyper-V Host at all because of core installation).

  • Hi.
    You would have to install a NetVault Client on the Hyper-V Host. If the host is running on a GUI-less Windows OS, then you can install the client via the Deployment Manager (ie Push Install Method) in the NetVault WebUI,

    Or install the client in Unattended Mode at the command prompt on the intended client itself.

    From there, you can then install the plugin from the WebUI on the host and just follow the Hyper-V Plugin documentation for the rest of the setup and configuration.