O/S Upgrade of Centos 6.9 to 7.4 server where smartdisk dedup is running

Any recommendations for this process?

  • You will want to stop the SmartDisk Services, and use the necessary Linux commands to ensure that the NVSD processes do not turn on on startup, then once the update is complete, start the NVSD services back up. I also would consider making a copy of the NVSD install directory as well, just in case. Move that folder to another server.
    The startup processes would be just like any other processes where you would likely have to make edits to the etc/init.d file.
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    Thanks Andre. Will do this when a maintenance window found. My concern was similar when I upgraded netvault server having made a gtar copy of netvault install dir & db and them placing them back but there were some issues that came up that tech support found easier to remedy by reinstalling and then restoring nvdb. Presumably a gtar copy of smartdisk data when stopped after update should simply start up when brought up under 7.4?
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    Yes, you can actually do the reinstall method with both, but I don't think you will need to.
    However, it would be good to make sure you copy the NVSD directory and have the NVDB backup up in case.
    Question though, since you mentioned NetVault DB, do you have the NV Server and SmartDisk on the same server & dedupe running as well?
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    NV server is on a separate server than SmartDisk/dedupe as I recall was required configuration.