Reporting issue in Netvault 11.45

 When reports are triggerdd in Netvault 11.45using run and notify some of the last cloumns are missing. where as run and view shows properly.
Any help to resolve thi issue will be appriciated.

  • Hi ,
    Can you please log a support ticket so Support can take a look at this? Also, when you do, please have some screenshots, or the reports attached to the SR so Support can see which reports this is happening to. Also, do you know if it is happening on only specific reports, or random?
  • In reply to Andre.Cooley:

    This is happening to all reports. This is happening post upgrade to 11.45. Earlier I was using 10.05, and report was in html format and it was working fine. Now in 11.45, in pdf format report this issue is noticed.