Backups failing and flooding the email notification inbox with emails.

hey all

I'm trying to get things working with Netvault Version 9.20 Build 17 

Support wont help aside sending me a manual for it, its helped very slightly but still suck

 I have the schedules set but still seeing it fail after the weekly change over of tapes we use two backup drives- 1Tb taps, I'm having to manually run them on the start of week, but then the incremental fail because they are in use or it cant see the index from the full 

This then floods the inbox with errors : No suitable media, : job failed

the tapes I want to name 1-12 but they keep being auto renamed


Any help would be appreciated quickly, I'm getting told of for it :<

  • Hi, NetVault 9.2 is no longer supported, and may be why Support cannot help you here. It is a Support Agreement issue. However, if you upgrade to a supported version, ideally the latest 11.4.5, then Support would be happy to help you.
  • In reply to Andre.Cooley:

    Could you suggest anything in relation to "No suitable media found"message?
    My manger does no want to upgrade this, as it was working untill we wiped a tape as it was full. since then its been throwing errors and not backuping up correct.