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    • 17 Aug 2017

    Combat GDPR with Quest's Microsoft Platform Management Tools

    As we become ever more reliant on technology we are seeing more and more threats to our data. These threats are not only coming from the “bad guys” out there knows as hackers like Hank . They can also come from malicious employee who feel hard done by and want to get their own back. The negligent new IT admin making changes to their Active Directory without thinking of the repercussions to the business, followed...
    • 8 Aug 2017

    Monitoring Workload – Heads or Tails, it's two sides of the same coin

    I often get asked about monitoring SQL workload that is consuming a database instance’s resources. The first question that comes to my mind is, “What is the symptom you are trying to resolve?” Are you looking to understand the root cause of compute resource consumption such as CPU, I/O, memory and timing? Or are you looking to get to the bottom of a specific set of wait events that have been present...
    • 1 Aug 2017

    "Foglight Skills 101” Webcast Series

    We recently started this webcast series directed specifically at existing Foglight administrators and users within your organization. We call the series, “Foglight Skills 101.” We present topics that have a broad interest among administrators and users – people who use Foglight often, but who might need some help getting up to speed with an important feature/function of Foglight. This series takes...
    • 1 Aug 2017

    Using tokens for Foglight dashboard access

    Some users only require simple access to Foglight dashboards, ideally being able to skip the logon step. In Foglight Server version, the user security option of an auth token was introduced. My colleague @Beam.Liu wrote an excellent blog on the subject . Start by going to dashboard that you wish to share via URL. From the right hand drawer select Properties->Link to this Page. From the dialog note the...
    • 31 Jul 2017

    Foglight for SQL Server Quick Tip - Database Exclusion

    If you are someone who is responsible for administering Foglight when used for monitoring SQL Server Instances, you will likely run into the situation where you want certain databases to be neglected from the overall monitoring. There are going to be those databases that don't conform to the overall monitoring policies and practices and can create a lot of noise when it comes to alerts related to backup, availability...
    • 27 Jul 2017

    Refine Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise Alarms Using Key Values

    In a previous post, I explained how to customize alarms in Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise. Recently, I had a customer inquire how he could refine the "Days Since Last Full Backup" alarm. He wanted to be able to exclude specific databases, but specify different thresholds for different databases. For example, user databases are backed up every 3 days, but system databases are backed up every 10 days. How...
    • 24 Jul 2017

    Making Dashboards Available to non-Foglight Users

    Some users only require simple access to Foglight dashboards, ideally being able to skip the logon step. The NoLoginUser was designed to allow the passing of a dashboard id via URL, and bypass the login step. This should only be used on Foglight Management Server version and lower. An easier, more secure and more scalable solution was introduced in in February 2017. WARNING - This NoLoginUser feature...
    • 24 Jul 2017

    “Pimp Your Ride” with Foglight Custom Dashboards

    Merriam-Webster defines ‘Custom’ as made or performed according to personal order. Tailored, fitted, personalized…or ‘pimped out’, slang meaning something is modified to extreme performance. There was a television serie...
    • 11 Jul 2017

    How DevOps can benefit from Continuous Monitoring of Application Databases

    Managing production application databases has become more demanding than ever before not only due to the complexity of the applications they support, but also the very small margins for performance slowdowns or outages. Being proactive and resolving issues quickly in production requires the collaboration of the operations, DBA and development teams. The Emergence of DevOps Over the years a lot has changed when it...
    • 27 Jun 2017

    What are Organizations in Spotlight Essentials and how do you manage them?

    It is now possible for you to sign in and create an organization in Spotlight that your whole team can join. You simply create the organization and invite others to join and share their monitoring and analysis data with you. Until now if your team each had their own separate Spotlight accounts you couldn’t easily share your monitoring and performance data with them, but now you can. You can now share data with...
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