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    • 27 Jun 2017

    What are Organizations in Spotlight Essentials and how do you manage them?

    It is now possible for you to sign in and create an organization in Spotlight that your whole team can join. You simply create the organization and invite others to join and share their monitoring and analysis data with you. Until now if your team each had their own separate Spotlight accounts you couldn’t easily share your monitoring and performance data with them, but now you can. You can now share data with...
    • 27 Jun 2017

    Setting up Foglight when SQL Server wants SSL

    A customer recently had this error message when trying to monitor a new SQL Server instance: Reason : [Foglight][SQLServer JDBC Driver]The SQL Server login requires an SSL connection. They didn't want to disable the requirement for an SSL connection, so we followed the following steps. Thanks to Jason Hall for the tip! Start by selecting the option to discover multiple SQL Server instances: Select the Foglight...
    • 21 Jun 2017

    Foglight Dashboard for Web Transactions

    Wondering where to find the Webmonitor metrics for use on a custom dashboard? You will find them on the Data tab, but there is no pre-defined category for them. Start by checking the "show all" box, and then expand Services and All Model Ro...
    • 20 Jun 2017

    Group By - Not Just a SQL Clause

    Foglight has many dashboards that you can give users access to. The Databases dashboard has built-in user access control to limit access to only the instances that a Foglight administrator grants. I had a customer ask if there was an easier way to limit access to their instances. They were mapping each Foglight user to individual instances. This is an ok practice if you've got a small number of instances and users...
    • 12 Jun 2017

    Customizing Spotlight on SQL Server Alarms

    Tweaking performance monitoring to work exactly the way you want Spotlight on SQL Server comes ready out-of-the-box to help you navigate your SQL Servers’ performance metrics in real-time . The settings that define what Spotlight sees as healthy and unhealthy ranges for performance metrics come pre-configured to values that work well for most IT departments. But Spotlight is highly customizable, and if you would...
    • 12 Jun 2017

    Saving Foglight Reports to Disk

    You can generate on-demand or scheduled reports in Foglight to a number of formats. These can be setup to be emailed at the time of generation, or they can be reviewed later via the Foglight UI (Reports -> Manage Reports). This post will show how to save a report to a disk local to the Foglight Management Server at the time of generation. I had some groovy code from 2011, so I thought it would be worth a refresh...
    • 1 Jun 2017

    Foglight Management Server is now available

    The Foglight team is pleased to announce that Foglight Management Server is now available for download. Over the past year, we have been delivering quarterly releases focused on improving the reliability, performance and manageability of Foglight. We have seen significant improvements in performance and stability, especially for large, multi-domain enterprise style installations, and have delivered many usability...
    • 31 May 2017

    Quest Customer Story: Foglight Performance Investigator Use Cases shared from the trenches

    As a Sales Engineer for the Database Performance Monitoring team, one of the more rewarding aspects of my role is to learn about specific ways that our customers are leveraging Quest solutions. With that in mind, I am a firm believer that if something proves useful to one user or team, it's a good bet it'll be helpful to many other end-users as well. That, and my mom always reminded me to share. So, here we go...
    • 30 May 2017

    Can Spotlight Monitor Tempdb Database?

    Absolutely! Spotlight performance monitoring can do it all. It can monitor the health of your Tempdb, so you can have the peace of mind of knowing that Spotlight’s got you covered. It not only ensures best practices by being on the lookout for configuration related issues. It also alerts you of any possible Tempdb contention and excessive database usage. Spotlight monitors tempdb and reports issues by through the...
    • 25 May 2017

    What's Cool in Spotlight Enterprise Version 12.0

    On Tuesday, May 23rd, Spotlight Enterprise version 12.0 was released to the wild. There are a considerable number of enhancements, both big and small, that are included in this release (for the full list, check out the release notes ). Without diminishing the value of each and every enhancement (many of which came straight from our customers requests), I wanted to highlight those enhancements that I am most excited about...
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