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    • 15 Dec 2017

    Want faster backup and recovery? Attend our webcast on LiteSpeed for SQL Server

    From my posts about LiteSpeed for SQL Server and juggling cross-platform databases with Foglight® , you guys know how much I dig being a DBA, right? I mean, it’s not like I make much of a secret of it. I was even born with the right initials to be a DBA. It’s the kind of work my parents raised me to do. Who wouldn’t like that? You wanna know one thing I don’t like? Going slow. I like...
    • 7 Dec 2017

    Customer Conversation: Diagnose SQL Server Instances in an Availability Group

    I recently spoke to a user of Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise who wanted to be able to drill into the individual SQL Server instances that are participating in an Availability Group. The customer had successfully created a connection to the Availability Group listener, but he couldn't figure out how to further diagnose problems that were occurring on a specific member of that group. I love it when customers provide...
    • 4 Dec 2017

    Foglight for SQL Server: Back to Basics - Diagnosing Blocking

    I've done a number of posts recently that touch on Foglight administration, customization, or some of the more advanced capabilities of the product. I felt it was a good time to circle back on some of the more basic use cases that Foglight can help DBA's with. In this series of posts, we'll take a look at some of the more common challenges that DBA's face, and show you how Foglight for SQL Server can help...
    • 4 Dec 2017

    Integrate Foglight by Sending SNMP Traps

    Many customers ask how they might integrate Foglight Alarms into other 3rd party monitoring tools. One way to accomplish this is to send SNMP traps in response to a Foglight alarm. To configure Foglight for this capability, you need to first download the MIB file. ‘MIB’ stands for Management Information Base. The file is a collection of definitions that define the managed object properties. (Note: Port...
    • 30 Nov 2017

    Toad and Foglight in harmony – The PL/SQL Profiler

    My favourite feature in Toad has always been the PL/SQL Profiler. I love the way it can profile your code executions is integrated with the editor. It is such an easy and visual feature to use. So if you have Foglight for Oracle Performance Investiga...
    • 29 Nov 2017

    You're Fired! Wait, What has Fired?

    Foglight has many out of the box rules to evaluate performance and availability conditions for your databases, virtual and physical infrastructure, web pages, network devices, etc. Once it has been running for some time, it's a good idea to evaluate which rules are enabled, and which ones are triggering the most alarms. The first step to see what rules apply to a "device" is to check the Agent Status page...
    • 27 Nov 2017

    Monitor Unix/Linux Servers in Spotlight

    Use Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise to monitor performance health of Unix/Linux servers that host your SQL Server databases. Spotlight offers: Spotlight can monitor the following operating systems: Red Hat Enterprise 7.3 Ubuntu® 16.04 and 16.10 The required connection parameters are: Server Address, User, Password and Port Number. Our Release Notes document outlines the required user permissions in...
    • 27 Nov 2017

    Don’t let Cyber Monday turn into Cyber Doomsday for your business

    Online sales on Cyber Monday have exceeded 3 billion dollars in the past couple of years. This trend is not likely to reverse course. More of us are shopping online more regularly. We purchase items online, in part, because it is often more convenient. So naturally, when we see a message displayed similar to this one above, we’re annoyed. But consider the company perspective. Every minute the company’s website...
    • 22 Nov 2017

    Checking When DBCC CheckDB Last Checked Your DB

    I had a customer ask how they could use Foglight to find out when "dbcc checkdb" last ran against their SQL Server databases. This is a great use case for User-Defined Collections! As a refresher, my colleague Trent Mera wrote a great blog on this topic called User-Defined Collections (UDC). I did a post on creating a rule on the result of a user-defined collection. The difficult part is typically researching...
    • 21 Nov 2017

    SQL Server Performance Investigator – Let Me Put This Into Context!

    If you are a developer or DBA using stored procedures in SQL Server one task you might experience is trying to work out how changes to stored procedures have impacted performance. Or you might have been tasked with improving a procedure and need to know if your efforts have been successful. So in Foglight Performance Investigator you have a feature that allows you to compare one or more stored procedure’s performance...
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