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    • 18 Oct 2017

    Customer Question: Setting Up ASM Monitoring with Foglight for Oracle

    Recently, I spoke with a customer who's using Foglight for Oracle to monitor their RAC instance. They were able to successfully monitor the instance, but then asked "Why don't I see any data in the ASM tab?". I think this is a great question and I thought it might be helpful to quickly talk about ASM monitoring with Foglight for Oracle. When the Oracle cartridge is enabled, you see tabs that allow...
    • 18 Oct 2017

    Quick Tip - Investigating the Past with SQL Performance Investigator

    This is something I always cover in "tips and tricks" sessions with my customers. It's an easily overlooked "extra click" that can lead to a bit of frustration, but I'm here to let you in on it. Within the Foglight UI, you can select your time range with the pulldown (1). You can either pick a pre-defined sliding timeline, or use a calendar with from/to date and times. Don't worry about...
    • 11 Oct 2017

    A General Guide to a Foglight for SQL Server Upgrade

    Understand that this is a general, high-level guide outlining the steps you should expect to take during a Foglight for SQL Server upgrade. Since environments and upgrade circumstances are often different, it is important to review and familiarize yourself with the Foglight Upgrade Guide. -> https://support.quest.com/technical-documents/foglight/5.7.5/upgrade-guide/ ** Note: If there are other cartridges installed...
    • 9 Oct 2017

    Customer Story: Using Foglight SQL PI to Detect Unauthorized User Activity

    Let me be very clear when I say that I do not advertise Foglight for Databases as a security auditing or intrusion detection solution. What is interesting to me is a scenario described by a customer working with Foglight to monitor his SQL Server databases. In a similar vein to my friend David Orlandi's post about user-level investigations using Foglight, this customer told me how he used Foglight to find that a user...
    • 9 Oct 2017

    Documenting your SQL Server inventory with Foglight

    As a DBA, you are responsible for many things, not to mention the ever changing landscape that is your database environment. Documenting the server inventory is essential as it will come in good use when it comes to planning for a migration/upgrade, preparing for newly developed code to be tested or simply just familiarizing yourself to a particular SQL Server instance. Documenting inventory also assists in helping a...
    • 6 Oct 2017

    Filter Database Visibility Using Foglight User Level Access

    Organizations are as varied as the people working within them. Some organizations have groups that are focused on specific applications. Some organizations have people responsible for specific database platforms supporting the business. How ever the organization chooses to, well, organize itself, may not be your concern. The reality, for you, may be that there are specific people who need to see a subset of the databases...
    • 2 Oct 2017

    Register Now. Free 4 Day Foglight Dev Camp 2017

    Come join Microsoft, Anvil.Works and Quest to learn how to maximize your Foglight platform during the Foglight Dev Camp 2017. Register Now !! What you will learn October 16 Virtualization and Cloud Technology Trend Hyper-V & Azure Monitoring and Migration - Co-presented with Microsoft Best practice for virtual environment monitoring, optimization, capacity planning and protection Microsoft Presents...
    • 2 Oct 2017

    Quest Customer Story: Sticking With What Works

    In an earlier blog, I wrote about a company’s success with Quest’s flagship SQL Server monitoring and diagnostics solution – Spotlight Enterprise. The blog detailed a customer success story and revealed detailed use cases explaining how this application delivery company realized value from the solution. Recently, the Director of Database Services accepted employment at a different company in a similar...
    • 2 Oct 2017

    How to configure Foglight Agent Manager to run as a daemon on a Unix Machine?

    In my last blog I explained the steps which needs to be done to get the Foglight Management Server running as a daemon on Unix machines. The same can be done for the Foglight Agent Manager too and it is much easier than for the Foglight Server. The needed scripts are located in your Agent Manager installation directory: "$FGLAM_HOME/state/default". Here you will find the scripts "fglam-init-script-installer...
    • 21 Sep 2017

    Be Ready for Tomorrow. Quest VROOM 1.2 launches and we're bringing Hybrid Cloud management to Microsoft Ignite

    What's great about being a product manager? To me, the list is long, however, today it's the release of Quest VROOM 1.2 and Foglight for Virtualization 8.7, and it's not for the normal reasons. Sure, I'm excited about a new release, i always am, they take an unbelievable amount of hard work, that aside, this release is special. The RnD team I work with has done a brilliant job; they not only met the...
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