AddressBook-Migration: Display Name with suffix "0"?

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we've recently tested the migration of the personal address book of an user. The user's Mailbox got an iNotes 6-template. We've created the PAB-Migration-message, the user clicked the button, the contacts from personal address book were imported to it's mailbox. When we ran the Migration itself, the contacts was imported into Outlook's contacts. But at most of the contacts the Display Name got a suffix "0" ("John Doe" -> "John Doe 0"). Did anyone got this issue? What are the reasons for that? Thank you in advance!

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Frank Lichnok

  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting in the Migrator for Notes to Exchange (MNE) forum. I understand you are experiencing issues with migrating Notes Personal Address Books with MNE. I understand you used the PAB Replicator to copy the user's local copy of their Personal Address Book to the iNotes store in their mail file. We do not have any record of any other customers experiencing a of strange "0" suffix in the display name of migrated contacts using this method.

    1.) The Notes 6 mail file template should be fine. Do you know if this mail file template has been customized?

    2.) Have you tried opening the Notes Client directly and viewing the contacts in the iNotes store for this user? (Actions | IBM iNotes | Open Mail File Copy of Contacts) What do the contacts look like here?

    3.) Can you try migrating the contacts to a PST file and see if you still have a 0 in the display name?

    4.) Can you try migrating a test user using the MNE Self-Service Desktop Migrator (SSDM) tool to see if this changes the behavior?

    Let me know if any of these questions/suggestions shed any light on the issue. If not, then this issue may require a new Service Request be created for further investigation.
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    thank you for the information. The reason seems to be in Lotus Notes:

    The form (in Notes the template for a document) for the contacts got a field for a suffix. If the user (inadvertently) selected the wrong value from the picklist when editing the contact, there will be a value "0" stored in this field. The new display name is then created by using the values of the fields Firstname, Name an Suffix...voila, a tailing "0"!

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    Frank Lichnok