ODME fails to migrate suggested contacts



I am unable to migrate suggested contacts from Exchange 2007 to O365.


This is the error that's in the log:

Failed to retrieve contact with ID AQMkADI4ZDRkNjkzLTY5MmEtNDEzYS04NjRlLWYwMAE3MWMzYWY3MABGAAADr3Wo8wvD70y5Arnm/3xlkwcA43ohKZup/UKdiaqWJHrnOQAAA4QAAADjeiEpm6n9Qp2JqpYkeuc5AAACQK4AAAA= from folder Foreslåtte kontakter.

If I omit contacts from the plan, the migration succeeds.


Any tips?

  • You can skip the "Foreslåtte kontakter" folder by entering "Foreslåtte kontakter" in the Exclude Specific Folders. Note: if you support languages other than Norwegian, you will need to enter the folder name in the languages you support.
  • In reply to Jeff Shahan:

    Thank you for that tip Jeff. Allthough that helps somewhat, I would still like to migrate the "Foreslåtte kontakter" (suggested contacts) folder, since that is the basis for the autocomplete address-list in Outlook.
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    I am sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with On Demand Migration for Email (ODME).

    Please raise a new service request so that this can be further investigated. You can use the following URL:

    Jose Martinez
    Quest Support