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    • 10 Apr 2018

    Quest Rapid Recovery 6.2 is now available!

    Announcing Quest Rapid Recovery 6.2 is now available As all technologies evolve and change, Rapid Recovery evolves to keep pace — and to keep them better protected. Based on valuable customer and partner feedback, Quest is proud to announce Rapid Recovery 6.2. This release includes enhancements to make it even easier to manage your Rapid Recovery environment while improving database application protection and...
    • 9 Apr 2018

    What’s Predictive Business Continuity? We Explain…

    Learn what Predictive Business Continuity is and how it can help you meet your most pressing IT challenges.
    • 17 Jan 2018

    Archive, Rapid Recovery Style

    First things first. What is data archiving? Simply put, it’s a process that takes data that’s no longer in use or has lost its relevance and moves it to lesser expensive storage such as magnetic tape or cheap disk storage. Archived data is usually in a compressed format and may also include deduplication. Archived data can then be accessed at a later date if needed but recovery times are typically quite lengthy...
    • 6 Nov 2017

    Quest Data Protection Portal on Android - Review a Failed Off-Site Replication

    Ever tried to troubleshoot a backup replication issue whilst out enjoying life? I have, in a previous life I supported an institutional bank in Australia, providing 24/7 support for BMC Remedy, CA Autosys (this was one important piece of software) and BMC Patrol, and troubleshooting anything when at a bar isn't easy. That's now in the past if you use Rapid Recovery; we have just made staying out and enjoying...
    • 11 Oct 2017

    New Cloud Based Quest Data Protection Portal Now Available for Rapid Recovery

    The new Quest Data Protection Portal is now online and available! Gain end-to-end visibility of all data protection activities across your entire IT environment anywhere, anytime. The Quest Data Protection Portal is an intuitive, cloud-based data protection management solution that enables you to monitor all your backup and recovery operations — wherever they’re located — from one single management...
    • 28 Aug 2017

    See a Real Show When You’re in Vegas for VMworld 2017

    Rod Stewart. Jay Leno. Jennifer Lopez. Blue Man Group. Cirque du Soleil. Quest Software. What do these have in common? They’re all be putting on shows in Las Vegas during August. And while you may not go home bragging to your friends about seeing the Quest performance, it’s the only show that can lead to a significant improvement in your IT environment. Our shows at VMworld 2017 from August 27-31 feature...
    • 7 Aug 2017

    Rapid Recovery - More recovery choices

    Do you ever notice that a limited number of options makes achieving goals difficult? For example, when painting a wall, going to a paint store with a large number of paint choices will result with better success than if going to a paint store with a limited selection. When it comes to backup and recovery solutions , Rapid Recovery offers more ways to backup and recover data. Rapid Recovery is an extremely flexible solution...
    • 21 Jun 2017

    Microsoft Inspire Tip of the Day: Visit Quest at Booth #1309

    My feet hurt. I’m tired of wandering the floor. Who’s got the best giveaways and Microsoft expertise at Inspire? We don’t want to toot our own horn, but…toot, toot! Our giveaways are on point! We’re talking absurd amo...
    • 17 May 2017

    How Not to Be the Next Ransomware Victim

    We’ve just witnessed one of the most devastating ransomware attacks ever recorded. Last Friday, an estimated 200,000 computers across 150 countries were victims of a global ransomware attack on an unprecedented scale. The UK National Health Service (NHS) was among the known victims. The disruption to services was profound. Many hospitals were forced to cancel treatments and appointments. News reports urged people...
    • 16 May 2017

    Reduce Downtime to Increase ROI: 3 Actions Executives Can Take Now

    Introduction Working out the potential return on investment on a new server or application is relatively straightforward – if it enables you to do more in less time, profits are likely to go up, making it worth buying. If there are no obvious b...