Latest rollup script exits with error. No rollups started.

We've recently upgraded from AA 5.4 to RR 6.1.  I'm trying to update the scripted rollups we had setup by downloading and using RRRollup.3i.improved.ps1 which is attached to KB 219952 (

Here is the output I get:

Powershell version 4.0 : OK
Core version found
Core Version
6.1.x, or later + P-1859 or later -- should work;
6.0.x -- may work;
5.4.x -- try at your own risk

Modified Rollup Jobs Settings
Max Concurrent Jobs: 1 / Max Tries Count: 0
Nightly Jobs Rollup Enabled: false
Nightly Jobs Deferred Delete Enabled: false
Error: Exiting

PS C:\Windows\system32>

There is no report generated at c:\RRReports\RollupReport.txt.

Any hints on how to troubleshoot this?

  • Hi dfletcher:
    The script should work without any issues in (I am running it as we speak on 4 cores/2 customers).

    Before asking you to open a case with us,
    please open the script in ISE (or notepad++)
    go to line 25
    Make sure that it states:
    go to line 26 and delete the block below:

    "6.0" {$xmethod="PUT"; break;}
    "6.1" {$xmethod="POST"; break;}
    "5.4" {$xmethod="PUT"; break;}
    default {$xmethod="POST"}

    When this is done, you should have the following snippet:

    return $xmethod

    Please let me know if it works for you.
  • In reply to Tudor.Popescu:

    This looks like it's working now. I'll let it run through and mark your post as an answer if all goes well.

    I do already have a case (4004145) and David Duncan said he was going to check with you next.
  • In reply to Tudor.Popescu:

    This continues to work well for me. Thanks for the help!