Getting license for AppAssure v4


a customer has a couple of 2008 (not r2) servers and wants to use AppAssure 4.7.

I understand Rapid Recovery is/was AppAssure. Is there a way to get a license for 4.7?

If not, does Rapid Recovery support 2008 (not R2)? My search results seems to indicate not.




  • Support for 4.7 ("Replay") reached end of life. For details, you may visit this link in our support site -

    Rapid Recovery does support Windows 2008 with Service Pack 2.

    Operating system support information is available in the release notes.

    - Core server -

    - Agents -

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    Hi Jose,

    thanks for the links, most helpful.

    Just a followup question, in terms of functionality, does Rapid Recovery lack any features that AppAssure provides? I ask because an old team member advised that it did but he is not around to get more details. Their setup is basic, backing up two servers to several USB drives.

    Also, is Rapid Recovery a drop in replacement for AppAssure should the client decide to go with it? Will it be able to read the old AppAssure backups?

    Many thanks.

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    Hi VicO,

    Rapid Recovery improves upon many features and functions of Replay, including supporting the new OSs and technologies. Because of this, in many cases new hardware and OS will be required to configure and operate RR without issue. Also with RR, I wouldn't recommend using several USB drives to create the repository in a RR environment. as this can cause complications with the amounts of IO hitting these devices.

    RR is not a drop in replacement. The best approach for the upgrade path would be to keep the hard drives with the Replay recovery points safe. If there is a need to restore the old data you can spin up a Replay core (VM or physical) and attach the storage to that system. The steps in this KB would then be used to view those recovery points:

    To begin thinking about getting started on a RR Core, I recommend reviewing the install and upgrade guide, as well as take a look at one of our DL appliances.