Virtual Standby to Hyper-V Cluster

Can someone tell me if Virtual Standby to a Hyper-V 2012R2 Cluster is a supported configuration? I have no problems creating a standby to any of the cluster hosts, but if I then add the VM as a cluster role, the Rapid Recovery server creates a new VM from scratch on the next export. I end up with duplicate VMs created across the hosts.

I have also tried creating the Virtual Standby using the cluster name for the target host, but it just creates a VM on one host, and then adding it as a cluster role results in the same issue as above.

  • Hi dwillmott:
    This is not a behavior we are familiar with. CSV clusters are NOT supported though. (However, you can protect individual VMs sitting on CSV clusters). I would suggest opening a service request with us to figure out the in and outs of the behavior you are reporting..