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    • 26 Apr 2017

    One-Size-Fits-All Migration? No thanks. Try a truly flexible solution -- for free

    If you’ve been following our One-Size-Fits-All Migration posts, you know that we don’t believe in bundling migration options into one price that prevents you from delivering options unique to your customers’ needs. We believe in offering the ability to leverage the migration capability and only pay for what is consumed over a quarterly period. And we believe that there’s no place for April Fools...
    • 19 Apr 2017

    One-Size-Fits-All Migration: Pay for what you don’t need

    Wait a minute…pay for what you don’t need? One bundled license per end user to migrate mailboxes, documents, personal archives, configure Outlook, etc…sounds simple enough. One price regardless of the migration scenario…hmmm. Isn’t that like paying for a migration buffet when you really just wanted a few a la carte migration options? We are well into April so this couldn’t still...
    • 17 Apr 2017

    Hank the Hacker webcast series: How to Overcome Hybrid AD Security Breaches and Insider Threats

    Hank the Hacker is coming for your data. Organizations are racing to Microsoft cloud services, such as Office 365 and Azure Active Directory (AD). Some organizations will be 100% cloud, but many are too heavily invested in legacy infrastructure and are forced to stay hybrid for the foreseeable future. In either scenario, it’s easy to see why Office 365 is Microsoft’s fastest-growing commercial product ever...
    • 14 Apr 2017

    One-Size-Fits-All Migration: Use what you need, leave the rest.

    By now you’ve probably heard of one-size-fits-all pricing for migration solutions. You take on the financial burden up front and charge your customers one high price regardless of their migration scenario. And they use the migration option that they actually needed. And the rest goes unused in the form of shelfware, even though you paid for it. It’s a great approach…really. April Fools…again...
    • 11 Apr 2017

    One-Size-Fits-All Migration: More profitability for you (maybe)

    Finally an approach to meeting your customers’ migration needs that will let you be more profitable. No need for a la carte options, just bundle all migration options into one price regardless of your customers’ migration situation. Your customer pays more; you make more. You may have heard about this ground-breaking new approach in a webinar this week. April Fools! If trying to jam your customers into...
    • 10 Apr 2017

    Hank the Hacker is Coming for Your Active Directory

    Hank the Hacker is coming. Organizations like yours are sprinting to Microsoft cloud services, such as Office 365 and Azure Active Directory (AD). But as your cloud — and hybrid — footprint expands, so does your security risk. That’s because in a hybrid AD environment, you face all the security limitations of native AD plus those of Azure AD. That means you need to manage double the surface area to...
    • 3 Apr 2017

    A new version of Migrator for Notes to SharePoint, 6.9, is now available!

    We are excited to announce a new version of Migrator for Notes to SharePoint , 6.9, is now available for download. Look what's new: Integrated support - Search for knowledge base solutions right from the error in the log entry details dialog box Migrating failed items – Easily load items that failed to migrate from the log file and retry the failed items again Remote database repository support –...
    • 28 Mar 2017

    Investigating and Recovering from a Security Breach in Your Hybrid AD and Azure AD

    Most organizations that migrate to Office 365 have done so in a hybrid environment—on-premises AD and Azure AD. Perhaps the most challenging aspect is managing and securing the entire surface area. Many organizations begin the process by creating systems that allow them to: Continually assess access privileges Detect and report suspicious activity Remediate access issues and mitigate repeat occurrences ...
    • 23 Mar 2017

    Quest On Demand Migration for Email, 1.10 is now available!

    We are excited to announce a new version of On Demand Migration for Email (ODME), 1.10 has been released. Look what's new: New features and enhancements Release (03/16/2017) PT130294827 Support for Microsoft Exchange 2016 as a source. Release (03/02/2017) Rebranding On Demand Migration for Email has been rebranded as a Quest® product and is now called...
    • 22 Mar 2017

    Remediating and Mitigating Privileged Access Issues in Your Hybrid AD and Azure AD

    The challenges associated with securing data in Office 365 , whether completely cloud based or a hybrid AD iteration, are numerous, and addressing them requires a solid plan to ensure your risk of a data breach or accidental exposure is minimized. That plan begins with continually assessing permissions to ensure data is only available to those who should have access. It also requires implementation of a system that...
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