Recovery Manager FE Support for SQL Express 2014 R2

Hello, have a question from a customer. I know that the Technical Specifications area for RMADFE states that it supports SQL Express 2014. But now that R2 is out.. does Quest support SQL Express 2014 R2? 

I haven't found anything in the Knowledge Base to state that it does.


  • (as far I remember) when RMAD-FE is installed, it does install SQL Express whatever comes with the RMADFE install package. (you do not pre-install SQL Express)
  • I'm not initially able to locate a download for SQL Server 2014 R2 Express. When was it released? Since the Release Notes don't list it, I wouldn't go with it in a production environment. Performing a forest recovery with persistence is not a good time to learn about SQL compatibility issues! :)
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    See above for link

    - whats the purpose of persistence? its just to capture the session during a forest recovery. you can do that without persistence. also if its just to capture a session.. not sure I see how SP2 would hinder that.
    In any case, that is why I am asking as the Documentation has not been updated in a couple of years seeing that SQL Server 2014 came out in 2014ish..
    looks like I need to open a case. I was hoping a developer would be able to answer my question.
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    yes well, how long is SQL 2008 Express supported for? so.. idea is to upgrade it to a newer version so that we don't forget to do it later.
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    There is a difference between an R2 release and a service pack. It was originally indicated in your post that SQL Server 2014 R2 Express was available not SP2 for SQL Server 2014 Express. The release notes clearly indicate "Microsoft SQL Server 2014 with or without any Service Pack (Enterprise, Business Intelligence, Standard, Express, Web, or Developer Edition)". So, SP2 should be fully supported.

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    Ah.. sorry.. it was a typo.. fat fingers.. thanks for the clarity. I appreciate it.