Recovery Manager Portal

I am interested in setting up recovery manager portal. It is asking for SQL instance, can I use the same sql instance setup for RMAD? If I enter SQL server and instance that dont exist, will it auto create this on the sql server (same as RMAD setup), if not, what is the requirement or steps to accomplish this?

  • Hello,

    Sure, you can use the same SQL server as for RMAD reporting and/or RMADFE persistence. If you do not have SQL server installed, the Web Portal setup can download and install SQL Express for you.
  • I pick the same SQL server and it keep saying cant connect. I know it exist and I can ping the server name, can it create the instance itself?
  • In reply to akingbade.ajewole:

    You can choose Install and use SQL Server Express and the setup will create a new instance.
    On pre-installed SQL server you should create an instances manually.