RMADFE 8.8.1 install when you have RMAD on 2003 DCs

We have Quest Backup for AD (RMAD) and we're looking at installing the latest version of RMADFE 8.8.1. Our DCs are Windows 2003. I know we need to uninstall the RMAD agents and RMAD console, but my question is what happens to our RMAD backups? If I want to restore an AD backup taken 6 months ago on RMAD, can I do it with RMADFE? In addition, do I need to reboot the DCs during the RMAD agent uninstall and RMADFE agent install?


  • Hi,
    RMAD backups created in RMAD 7.10 can opened in RMADFE 8.8.1, but only for online restore (restore object's attributes etc.), not for the Forest Recovery.
    Backup Agent install/uninstall does not require DC reboot.
  • In reply to Sergey.Kalitin:

    Great, thanks, so RMADFE should be backwards compatible and we shouldn't need to uninstall and re-install agents?