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    • 20 Mar 2017

    It's About Time - Oracle Time Data and SharePlex

    Recently, we’ve had a number of questions about how SharePlex replicates Oracle time data; especially in cases where the source and target systems are in different timezones. Here’s a brief tutorial on how Oracle handles time data,...
    • 9 Mar 2017

    Change Data Capture with SharePlex

    SharePlex replication can conveniently be used to maintain a change history target. Another industry jargon for change history is Change Data Capture or CDC. The CDC target maintains historical data on target as opposed to a copy of the source in case of a target in a regular replication. The CDC target is typically used for data mining. SharePlex gathers change data from source database to populate a change history...
    • 8 Mar 2017

    Quest 4 EDB Postgres Webinar

    Come one, Come all! #Quest4EDBPostgres Webinar Your Data is growing and growing and growing as is the cost of your databases and the thought of using an Open Source Database is really starting to look like a sweet way to go…..You’re not ...
    • 27 Feb 2017

    Use SharePlex to Replicate Oracle Data to Amazon RDS

    In a previous blog we introduced you to SharePlex 8.6.6, which is certified to replicate data to Amazon and Azure Cloud Databases . In this blog, we’ll show you how easy it is to set up replication from an Oracle database , either on-...
    • 7 Feb 2017

    Enhancement in SharePlex 8.6.6 for Replication from Oracle to Kafka

    If you are currently using ActiveMQ to consume data produced by SharePlex from Oracle, you may want to look into the performance gains with Kafka. The use cases for Kafka include website activity tracking, metrics, log aggregation, stream processing, event sourcing and commit log. There are several enhancements included in the new release of SharePlex 8.6.6 for replication from Oracle to Kafka. Support for multiple...
    • 6 Feb 2017

    SharePlex Can Help You Move Your Databases To The Cloud

    Almost every business is at least considering moving some of their IT workload to “the cloud” for any number of reasons. Databases are often a major component of this workload. SharePlex 8.6.6, certified for Cloud ...
    • 6 Feb 2017

    SharePlex Tuning 101 - A Journey, Not A Destination

    In recent SharePlex blogs , my colleagues and I have discussed using the Analyze Config command to help gather information to tune SharePlex , and the importance of tuning the target database. In this blog, I’ll attempt to put it all togeth...
    • 1 Feb 2017

    Online Transactions and Batch Jobs Don’t Get Along

    Running both online transactions and batch jobs like reporting or analytics can compromise the performance of one or the other. For example, reporting indexes could adversely affect the performance of your Oracle database to your OLTP users. Having ...
    • 31 Jan 2017

    How to Resolve Backlogs in SharePlex Using Named Post Queues

    I’m sure we’ve all gone to an amusement park like Disneyland or Knots Berry Farm. We all love the thrill and excitement the rides give us. What we all hate though are the lines we have to wait in for each ride....
    • 27 Jan 2017

    Quest Customer Story: Tuning SharePlex with Analyze

    In an earlier blog, I showed how the SharePlex ANALYZE CONFIG command could be used to get a picture of how an application interacts with your database . It’s also a great tool to use to tune SharePlex, especially with very larg...
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