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    • 13 Feb 2017

    Securing your Active Directory Environment from the Inside Out. (Part 3)

    Okay, we have identified our privileged users and determined what rights are needed for them to do their jobs. Now we need a way to enforce these new roles. Step 3: Simplify the security of your Active Directory Active Roles is an AD proxy. It will sit between the user and Active Directory and determine if the user should be performing the task or not. Since the Active Roles service account is actually making the...
    • 7 Feb 2017

    Securing your Active Directory Environment from the Inside Out. (Part 2)

    In my previous post, I touched on how you can identify users in AD with elevated rights . Now we need to determine if they're really necessary. Step 2: Identifying what rights are needed for the job. I can't begin to tell you how many companies that I've talked with who give out Domain Admin rights like candy. I've seen Sr. Admins with it, I've seen Jr. Admins with it, heck I've seen Help...
    • 3 Feb 2017

    Securing your Active Directory Environment from the Inside Out. (Part 1)

    In speaking with a lot of my customers, the topic of "How can I better secure my Active Directory environment ?" always seems to come up. There are several ways to answer this question, but today I want to focus on the one that seems to be overlooked most often: privileged user accounts. I've always compared privileged users to teenagers. Can you really trust that they're using the best judgement?...
    • 3 Feb 2017

    Investigating Account Lockouts with IT Security Search

    One of the tools that Active Directory administrators have to help mitigate brute force hacking attempts is the account lockout. Typically configured in a Group Policy, the account lockout policy tallies the number of failed authentication attempts for an account, and if it exceeds a threshold locks the account and prevents it from being used. Typically account lockouts are caused by an end user forgetting a password...
    • 31 Jan 2017

    Active Directory Management and Azure AD: A Perfect Match

    It just seemed to me a perfect superhero team like the Wonder Twins could also represent Quest Active Administrator and Microsoft Azure AD . The Quest Active Administrator is a single plane of glass tool for DNS, GPO, and AD management . The tool combines typical and advanced functions for these objects plus auditing and alerting, backup and recovery, and DC management. Just like the Wonder Twins; Quest Active Administrator...
    • 31 Jan 2017

    What's a Mailbox Collection?

    In Migration Manager for Exchange we use a collection to manage the mailboxes to be migrated. Depending on your migration plan you can use these collections for specific tasks or stages. To provide flexibility, the mailboxes to be synchronized are grouped into mailbox synchronization collections. A mailbox synchronization job can handle multiple collections. Each of these collections has its settings, including the mailbox...
    • 31 Jan 2017

    We’re Up on Office 365. What’s Next?

    Perhaps it wasn’t your decision for your organization to migrate to Office 365. Yet, the decision was made, and what followed was a significant amount of planning and heavy lifting to get your IT environment optimized (specifically Active Directory) for a cloud migration . Congratulations – you survived. What’s next? Post-migration, I generally get questions from IT professionals about the security...
    • 31 Jan 2017

    The Often Overlooked Functionality of Change Auditor

    For those who are unfamiliar with Change Auditor , it is the auditing solution offered by Quest. The solution offers a wide range of auditing capabilities to help provide a view into what changes are occurring within your environment. Unfortunately, the more I interact with my customers, the more I start to realize that very few are using the product to its full potential. I wanted to take some time to inform Change Auditor...
    • 27 Jan 2017

    Insider Threats: The Unknowns of Active Directory Security

    There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know we don't know. Donald Rumsfeld At one point in my career the security boundary was defined by the outside of the network vs the inside. We setup domains and forests with a particular architecture...
    • 27 Jan 2017

    Why Do My Permissions Reports Come Up Blank In Enterprise Reporter?

    A common question that arises soon after the initial installation of Enterprise Reporter is: “I tried to pull up a couple of permissions reports and they all came back blank. What am I missing?” The answer to this question is fairly simple- the default installation does not include permissions in the data collection. This is done intentionally to keep the collection sizes small and quick. Not all Enterprise...
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