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    • 14 Feb 2018

    Migrate to Azure in 6 Easy Steps

    Migrating your infrastructure to the cloud doesn’t have to be a nightmare, but it does require some planning to pull it off with ease. When migrating virtual machine workloads from an on-premises data center into Azure, the goal is to maintain business continuity by building a hybrid environment that leverages the benefits of running in Azure. But you need to be proactive and ask the right questions to make sure...
    • 7 Feb 2018

    Episode 2: Ransomware! The Cost of Doing Nothing

    Welcome to Episode #2 of Two Techs on a Quest , the Quest podcast where two IT pros embark on an epic quest to provide guidance to those seeking resiliency and security for their infrastructure realms. In this episode, our heroes find themselves on th...
    • 17 Jan 2018

    Archive, Rapid Recovery Style

    First things first. What is data archiving? Simply put, it’s a process that takes data that’s no longer in use or has lost its relevance and moves it to lesser expensive storage such as magnetic tape or cheap disk storage. Archived data is usually in a compressed format and may also include deduplication. Archived data can then be accessed at a later date if needed but recovery times are typically quite lengthy...
    • 16 Jan 2018

    DR Series Appliances & LAN Free Backups

    A backup is a network resource intensive process that can negatively impact employee business needs, thus it is challenging for backup administrators to protect ever growing data capacities without impacting production. New technologies and backup methods must be examined to achieve successful backups for the future. One proven and successful backup approach is the implementation of LAN-Free backups to disk based PBBA...
    • 8 Jan 2018

    Quest DR Series Appliances with Veeam Instant Recovery

    Deduplication appliances such as the DR Series offer backup environments many enhancements and savings. As indicated within this blog, the DR Series performs well with many advanced features of Veeam Backup & Replication.
    • 27 Dec 2017

    How to use GDPR compliance as your competitive edge

    It’s all too apparent that most organisations facing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are seeing it as a costly, time consuming hurdle that they need to reluctantly resolve with as little financial investment or business interruption as possible. However, we really need to be looking at why GDPR came into existence in the first place, and how it is an excellent opportunity for organisations to gain...
    • 27 Nov 2017

    Understanding Advertised Deduplication Savings for Backup Workloads

    When considering deduplication for backups, the advertised deduplication savings does not accurately reflect storage saving for your environment. It is highly recommended to test a deduplication solution within your own backup environment where you have a complete understanding of the type of data and the number of copies required to achieve a savings value. Comparing this way will ensure you have accurate information...
    • 22 Nov 2017

    Welcome to Two Techs on a Quest!

    In our new weekly podcast, Two Techs on a Quest , our IT heroes embark on an epic quest to provide tech guidance to those seeking resiliency and security for their infrastructure realms. Braving the perilous landscape of IT, they must battle monstrous IT challenges in hopes of empowering the people against the evil empire of misinformation. Will they succeed? Will they fail? Only time will tell. This epic quest starts...
    • 8 Nov 2017

    Customer Conversation: Backup Escalation in Litespeed for SQL Server

    A customer recently asked me to clarify the option "Enable Backup Escalation" in Litespeed for SQL Server. The customer has been using Litespeed for a while so I was a bit surprised the question was asked. When we spoke further, I learned they had built their own full and differential backup strategy rather than letting Litespeed handle it for them. Wait, you didn't know Litespeed can manage a full and differential...
    • 6 Nov 2017

    Quest Data Protection Portal on Android - Review a Failed Off-Site Replication

    Ever tried to troubleshoot a backup replication issue whilst out enjoying life? I have, in a previous life I supported an institutional bank in Australia, providing 24/7 support for BMC Remedy, CA Autosys (this was one important piece of software) and BMC Patrol, and troubleshooting anything when at a bar isn't easy. That's now in the past if you use Rapid Recovery; we have just made staying out and enjoying...