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    • 7 Feb 2017

    "S.L.O." Your S.L.A.

    “S.L.O.” your Roll with your SLA’s We all know the acronym SLA (Service Level Agreement) and we have all used it quite generically I suspect. So let’s get more specific and take a look at SLA and SLO (Service Level ...
    • 2 Feb 2017

    The 3 C's of Data Protection

    The Three C’s of Data Protection When searching for the best solution for backing up your data, it doesn’t matter whether you are a Fortune 50, Fortune 500 or a small to mid-size organization. What does matter is w...
    • 1 Feb 2017

    The Art of Rapid Recovery: Microsoft Cloud

    It was said by Sun Tzu that “the greatest victory is that which requires no battle” Wise words that we can correlate to data loss and data outages. With the prevalence of ransom-ware and the potential for natural or unnatural disas...
    • 31 Jan 2017

    Do you test your backups?

    As I talk to customers these days, they all typically have a system set up to back up their data. “What do you do to back up your data?” I’ll ask. Customers dive right in, talking about the different software in use. Sure, there may...
    • 31 Jan 2017

    Leveraging Microsoft Azure for Offsite Data Storage and Disaster Recovery

    How do I get my data offsite? One of the most important items in a good backup and disaster recovery strategy is making sure that data is redundantly stored at a location beyond just the primary site. It’s important because, if something happen...
    • 30 Jan 2017

    How Rapid Recovery is like Liam Neeson

    The other day I was watching the movie Taken, and as I was watching it I came to the part where Liam Neeson says his line, “If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of sk...
    • 29 Jan 2017

    Setting up Replication in Rapid Recovery

    One of the core tenants for a robust backup and recovery infrastructure is replication of data. If you have a major disaster, properly replicated backups will save the day and potentially your company. In this blog, I will detail how you set up repli...
    • 26 Jan 2017

    Automating Your Retention Policy with Rapid Recovery

    IT staffs are pinched for time. Many staffs in this day and age are expected to do more with less. For Quest one of the major tenets across all of our products is we want to save the IT staff time. Time is money and many organizations don’t hav...
    • 26 Jan 2017

    Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My! - Thoughts on NetVault Backup

    Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My! Ah, the famous lines from The Wizard of Oz. Of course, these are the lines uttered by Dorothy just before she meets the Cowardly Lion. This helps to illustrate her fear of the forest and the creatures that they may...
    • 25 Jan 2017

    C:\ or not to C:\ that is the question

    The title as you can see makes a play on words based on the Shakespeare Play Hamlet. I am not an English major by any stretch of the imagination, but the next line right after the famous “To be, or not to be” quote is, “Whether &ls...