vranger 7.6 disappeared!!!!

Hei Dell, what's going on???

  • Looks like it. It would be nice to be notified when a new release is pulled and the reason why. Good thing for me I did not upgrade because we have too many changes going on right now with tier 1 applications and it was deemed too risky to upgrade vRanger while these upgrades were going on. I need to be able to do restores if something goes wrong.
  • This vRanger Product Notification was updated today under the Alerts & Notifications section of the vRanger Product Support page. Please watch there for further updates, as well as, your email where two notifications should have already been received.

    The second of two email announcements went out today.

    If you are not receiving Product Notifications, please confirm settings here.

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    So my question is. Does this affect backup and restore? or just replication? I don't do replication with vRanger in my environment.
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    Hello Steven,

    Yes, we have seen instances of issues affecting backups and restores as outlined in the vRanger Product Notification. Below are those specific items with the affected area noted in parentheses:

    1. Error: Disk backup failed: The process cannot access the file 'C:\Program Files\Common Files\Quest\vRanger\201704270000\vzbin\aes.dll' because it is being used by another process. (Hyper-v backups)
    2. Cannot configure replication jobs for virtual machines on ESXi 6.5 running hardware version 13. (Replication)
    3. Error : 2319   RETRY timedout operation timed out [at timeout_thread:470] (Replication)
    4. Error: API Call failed with message: RuntimeFault.summary (Backup, Replication, restore)
    5. Error: -1 - An unknown error has occurred. (Backup and Replication)


    Review the following solution for item 2, Cannot configure replication jobs for virtual machines on ESXi 6.5 running hardware version 13.

    Review the following solution for all other items, if you wish to remove 7.6 and go back to using 7.5.1


    As noted in my previous reply, please watch the Alerts & Notifications section of the vRanger Product Support page and your email for further updates.

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    Christopher, do you have any links to the latest product notification for 7.6. the link above bring me to a page cannot be found. When I go to vRanger product support page and go to notifications its an old notification. Quest were suppose to post an announcement on a release date last Friday (7th july) but nothing seems to have been posted.
  • Hi All,

    I know you've been anxious to hear more about when Quest will have a replacement for the vRanger 7.6 release. We appreciate your patience as we worked out the details of how to deliver a high quality release to you.

    We have a definite release plan at this time. If you would like more information about when we can deliver this release to you, please contact Support for further assistance.