Alert for OU changes not working

I have an alert setup if an OU is created or deleted.  We are not getting the email for this alert.  All the other alerts are working.  There are other events in the same alert as the OU alert that work (changes to AA).


The event is not showing in the Alert History and no email for the alert is received.  It is like it is not recognizing the OU add/delete taking place.


I have version 8.2 update 1.

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  • Hi Jay,

    Have the OU created / deleted alerts worked in the past? Within the Active Administrator console, browse to "Auditing & Alerting" | Event Definitions. Select "OU Created" and "OU Deleted" and verify that the Active Directory alert is attached to the definition. Are there any other alerts attached? Within Audit Reports, select the "Organizational Units Created" report and edit the Date/Time range for the period that you would like to view events. Do you see any events listed? If the data is not being written to the database, then create a new Test OU in Active Directory. Check the Windows Security event log on the connected Domain Controller. Verify if the event is listed.

    Event 5137 Organizational Units Created
    Event 5141 Organizational Units Deleted

    If these events are not being written to the Security log, see page 129 of the Active Administrator User guide and verify the Default Domain Controllers Policy has the correct settings for Audit Policy

    Audit logon events [Success, Failure]
    Audit account logon [Success]
    Audit account management [Success]
    Audit directory service access [Success]
    Audit policy change [Success]
    Audit system events [Success]

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Thank you.
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