Archive Manager

AM 5.3: Storage Migration Issues


in behalf of my client I like to ask a Question about moving Data to a new Storage Location.
System: Archive Manager Version 5.3 / Windows Server 2012
What he has done:
Created a new Folder and set the required Access Rights to this Folder
Created a new Share and set the required Access Rights
On the Admin Website -> general -> Storage Location created a new Storage Location that point to the Folder/Share created in the steps below.
On the "Storage Migration " Tab start the File Migration to the new Storage.

Unfortunately, only two Files was moved to the new Location. He restart the Job and nothing happends. So we have a bunch of Files Pending and Zero Files moved.

Attached you find a Screenshoot of the Migration Tab.

Strange Thing BTW, the DataLoadService.exe File is missing. This means, yes, there is a Service but we can not find the EXE File. Thus, we can not start the Service.