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V 5.1

I would like to delete an old mailbox and all its content.  I found that under Administration > Mailbox there is a red X, does this delete everything that user had?  If not, then how do I do this?

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  • Hello,

    The Red X from within the Archive Manager WebUI basically hides the Mailbox from the GUI but the contents are still within the database.

    By Default, Archive Manager Keeps everything in the database unless otherwise specified by Retention.

    To Delete items out of a Mailbox, you would want to create an Archive Manager Retention Delete Policy, and specify the mailbox in question as the Criteria:

    Note that if that Mailbox has items that are linked to another Mailbox (E.g. additional users to the To: field, etc), then the Mail item will simply be "un-linked" from the mailbox in question, as if it Retention deletes mail from a mailbox linked to another mailbox, that item would then be inaccessible from the additional mailbox. After you have removed items you need, you can click the Red X and hide the mailbox from the GUI which will be hidden from searches, viewing, etc.

    Thank you,

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