Move Archive Manager to 2016 Core Server


Im in the process of updating our older server architecture and our AM 5.3 server is on a 2008 R2 machine that needs to die.

Im wanting to migrate the data onto a new Windows Server Core (1803) installation, utilising AM 5.4.

All servers are virtual and ill be detaching the data disk from the old server and moving it directly to the new for the FTI and data stores.

Our Database is hosted on a 2012 SQL Server and ill be migrating that to a 2016 SQL Server also.


It appears from my initial testing that AM 5.4 will install on a Server Core machine, however is this supported and tested or not? Are there any caveats I need to be aware of with this setup?

Is there anything I need to be aware of, or accomplish first, prior to attaching the disk to the new server, migrating and upgrading the database, then installing v5.4?

Any info/help is appreciated.

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