Moving Archive Manager to New Server

We are currently running Archive Manager (5.3) on a Windows Server 200R2 instance, and are considering a move to a 2012R2 server.

The current server has all the services, the attachment store and the website as well as SQL server installed on it.

We have found the KB articles that explain how to move the attachment store or the SQL database to another server.


Our question relates to the Full Text Index.

If we install Archive Manager on a new server (having already moved the attachment store and database), point the new install to the current database and attachment stores what about the FTI?

Is it possible to move the FTI, or is a full rebuild of the index required in this scenario?

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    If you open SQL, run the following:

    SELECT * FROM [ArchiveManager].[dbo].[FTPartition]​

    You will notice each partition references a path. 

    When the Full Text Index Service Starts it will verify if the paths exist as referenced in the FTPartition table. If they do not exist, Archive Manager will create them. The setting F:\Quest Software\ArchiveManager\Index was set when AM was originally installed but does not control what the actual paths in the database if they were manually set at somepoint.  

    You can set the Full Text Index Location path in the Configuration Console to the appropriate location so that new Index folders get created.  Also "Right-Click and Edit the FTPartition table" in the ArchiveManager database and update the paths accordingly to ensure existing index folders do not get created in perhaps what might be the old path. 


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