Bridging the (SQL) gap with Toad’s Query Builder

Toad for Oracle’s Query Builder window provides a quick method for creating the framework of a SQL queries (Select, Insert, Update, or Delete statement). Additionally, one can select Tables, Views, or Synonyms, join columns, select columns, and generate the chosen sort of statement.

In this concise video, Senior Support Engineer, Danny H Pham, demonstrates how easy it is to be creating and building queries along with some time-saving tips and techniques.
This can be viewed in the Knowledge Article, VIDEO - How to use Toad Query Builder (213731).

In addition showcased within the video, the Query Builder illustrates the reverse engineering of queries.

Once one starts using this powerful tool, one will find it difficult to go back to writing SQL statements as before. No more remembering, “If that goes there” or “if this is syntactically correct”. Toad for Oracle does it all for you and all behind the scenes! Talk about increasing the command of your query writing!

One can appreciate the rich resources of the Toad for Oracle features here within Support Portal.