Change Is In The Air - So What Can You Do About It?

Changes are not only inevitable but they are also more complex and have a greater impact each time. Even the simplest modification can have a considerable effect on the virtual environment.

Generally, we don't realize how we have been impacted until our users tell us there's something wrong. Is it possible to assess the impact of a change before its implementation?

Being proactive by using Foglight is very simple as it allows us to create the change scenario we want to make, visualize its future impact on our VM and decide whether or not to implement the change based on the results obtained.

It's quite common for a VM to undergo several changes since its creation, but how can we know the total number of changes generated in a machine since it was created?

Using Foglight it's very easy to detect the changes made in a VM, their impact and how they compare with the “template” from which it was created.

In our organizations there are many users with permits to generate changes in the virtual environment. But how can we know when and who made the change?

By means of the “Change History” option, Foglight enables us to identify correctly the user name that made the change and the exact date. It also allows us to generate a “revert change” in case of a negative impact, as seen in the image below:

Finally, Foglight allows us to create alarms and notifications about the different changes made in our virtual environment. This way, we can get an email each time a change is implemented and keep a real time control.

Changes are inevitable and being on top of them makes us more proactive, efficient and dynamic. No small accomplishment these days. If you would like to learn some tips and tricks for monitoring your IT stack, we have some upcoming webcasts that you can join.