Channel Partners and Quest: A Compelling Opportunity

Americas Channel Partners,

These are exciting times, with a lot of change happening at a very fast pace. With change comes opportunity, and I believe for you, our channel partners, the changes we are undertaking at Quest also bring compelling opportunities. We are working at a fast pace to launch a new, modern channel program built on a great software- and services-centric portfolio. You can hear more about our plans to launch a new channel program in the recent video from Pete Koliopoulos, our Vice President of Global Channel and Alliances programs. 

I’d also like to share my views of why I believe you will want to continue to invest with Quest now and after we separate from Dell Technologies later in the year. I believe there are three key reasons to work with us: 

  • First, we are all about attach. Everything we do attaches to solutions you are selling today. With that attach option, we bring increased top-line revenue as well as expanded margins. Our products can make good deals great and make great deals outstanding.
  • Second, we are committed to your services business. When you attach our products, you have the opportunity to attach services. And not just reselling our services products, but your own. Simply put, we want to be best at putting your people to work.
  • Finally, we bring value to your customers and solve some of their toughest problems — namely freeing up resources and CAPEX to invest in innovation so you can create more business. 

 With a total addressable market valued conservatively at over $20B, we are uniquely positioned to grow and win in the marketplace, and we want to grow and win with you.

Over the coming weeks, I will share more detail about our plans, what to expect from us, and why I believe we all should be excited about the opportunities ahead. I am committed to working with all our partners and I welcome your questions. So feel free to reach out at

Good luck and great selling!