Check out what’s new in NetVault Backup 11.1

NetVault Backup 11.1 is now available. The latest release is focused squarely on two of NetVault’s main tenets: ease of use and scalability. A new installer, along with updates to the user interface, user-level access (ULA) and other functionality make NetVault 11.1 even easier to use, while increased scalability has been added to the NetVault Backup plug-in for Hyper-V, which can now protect up to 1,000 virtual machines on 16 hosts.

Overall, updates have been made to the NetVault Backup core and a number of plug-ins, including NetVault Backup plug-ins for Microsoft Exchange, Hyper-V, VMware, and MySQL.

All updates versions are available on the trial download site, as well as through the customer support portal.

What’s New:

NetVault Backup 11.1 Core and Core Plug-ins

  • Improved ULA and role-based administration
  • Improved user interface and reporting ease-of-use functions
  • New Capacity report indicating how much data is protected
  • Faster reports and improved File System  plug-in performance with multi-steam backup for large single volumes
  • Improved install and upgrade UI experience
  • Improved performance with native 64-bit architecture support

NetVault Backup 11.1 Application and Database Plug-ins 

  • Microsoft Hyper-V optimized backup with Active Block Mapping (ABM) and improved sparse file handling to reduced backup storage requirements. Improved scale protecting up to 1000 VMs on 16 hosts
  • VMware VDDK 6 u2 support and reporting improvements
  • Microsoft Exchange 2016 support
  • MySQL 5.7 support
  • PostgreSQL 9.4 and 9.5 support