Dude, I wish Toad would do this…Introducing the “Idea Pond”

It has happened to all of us. We love an application like Toad. However, it would be so much more awesome if the app would do some idea that is currently not in the product. Allow me to introduce you to the Toad “Idea Pond.”

The Idea Pond is for submitting enhancement suggestions that one would improve the product.  The development teams are eager to hear new ideas that are driven by customer input. In the Idea Pond, a healthy intellectual exchange of ideas are discussed and debated.

The Toad community votes ideas. The Toad users can tell us what is important and what one would want to be featured.  Accepted or rejected submitted future ideas are responded with Development’s feedback.

There isn't a magic number that guarantees one’s idea will be approved. Development will consider implementing it, after waiting to see how well an idea is received. In special cases, a great idea that can be implemented easily may be approved it soon after it is posted. As soon as the idea is approved, rejected or implemented, the submission receives an Idea Pond status.

Idea Pond uses the following idea statuses:



Idea has not been evaluated by the Dev team. Users should continue to vote and comment on the idea.

Under Review


Idea is being evaluated by the Dev team and Product Management and a decision has not yet been made. Users should continue to vote and comment on the idea.



Idea has been implemented in Toad. We assign this status as soon as the request is available in the latest beta, which means that an idea may be marked "Complete" before it is available in the current, official release.

Not Planned


Idea is already available in Toad, has been rejected by the Dev team, or is a duplicate of another idea.


To submit an idea for product/wiki article/site improvement, click on the "Idea Pond" option on the community's navigation bar:

Further reading on this topic is here.