Mary Wrote an Evil Change: 200+ reports could have prevented that.

Having a solid, enforceable, change control process ensures that everyone and everything is transparent. Whether it’s Stat for PeopleSoft, Oracle eBusiness Suite or Custom Applications there’s a Stat change control tool to support your daily change control process and the version control needs required today. With over two hundred reports delivered with Stat, there’s visibility into every aspect of the change from the initialization of the request, through design, review, testing and deployment. 

Mary wrote an evil change,
Its purpose black as coal;
And everywhere the little change went
The auditors did not know.

It moved to PROD awry one day,
Which was against the rule;
It made the users laugh and play
To see a change so cool.

Why does the change worry auditors so?
The eager users cry;
Why, someone hacked the change, you see,
The auditors did reply.

Bad code was found and removed no doubt,
But still it lingered near;
It waited patiently about
Till payment did appear.

Mary wrote a little hack
Or so the story goes;
To make the network crack that day,
Why only Mary knows.

Now Mary’s doing eight to ten
The jury did declare;
For lines of code designed to steal - Listen and beware.

The loss of Mary hurts - No lie
But plans this good will never die.
So long as no one else doth see
The master hacker was really me.  
{Enter Evil laughter here.} 

Poor Mary! Mary was just a pawn in a hacker’s daily game of cat-n-mouse. According to the latest statistics, successful hacking events are rarely done alone or in a vacuum. Perhaps a better version of the poem could have gone something like this:

Mary made an evil change,
Its purpose black as coal;
And everywhere the little change went
The auditors were there to know.

Mary tried to move to PROD one day With Stat installed there was no way...

The End.  Mary retired happily twelve years later after a long and successful career in IT.

Having the information available is one thing. Having the information available in multiple formats that’s readable, understandable and actionable is even better. In addition, there’s a report writer included that allows you to modify any of the delivered reports or create your own from scratch. The important thing to know is that it’s your change control process, your data, and you should have access to that information in the format that makes the most sense to you.

View a pdf list of reports available from Stat: