Fast and Furious Agile Development

If we’ve learned anything from the cinematic achievement that is all 72 Fast and Furious films, it’s that high-stakes operations can quickly go awry with the slightest technical glitch. Staying ahead of the competition requires agility and rapid innovation. 

That’s why you need a high-speed, turbo-charged approach to development that accelerates product releases. And just like any elite street racer/heist aficionado, you need the right tools to complete your mission.

So let’s explore how an arsenal of powerful development software can make you the Vin Diesel of coding ― and why that’s actually not an insult.

Because with the right development solution, you’ll rapidly release products that are as impressive as:

Driving off a ramp at high-speed, hitting a helicopter and crashing on top of a yacht ― Also known as multitasking. To accomplish a lot in a short amount of time, you need a tool that combines editing, testing, debugging, standards reviews and tuning to boost productivity. Being able to quickly identify and edit a faulty line of code is much more productive, and far less expensive, than executing a full program overhaul ― especially when you’re already in flight.

Driving a car through an exploding plane ― To maintain control in stressful situations, you need a fast and easy way to navigate through tasks. Your development tool should make it simple to quickly switch gears by providing a sleek, user-friendly interface. It should also automate code reviews to keep you on track. With the right technology, you’ll blaze through high-stakes projects and come out looking like a hero.

Running into stacks of propane canisters in tunnels ― A common scenario. And one that could’ve been avoided with better teamwork. Your crew should work with you ― not create obstacles that’ll explode in your face later. If you want to avoid disaster whilst driving your business forward, you need a solution that supports team coding, version control and shared coding standards. Without these critical components, you may as well be driving blind.

As you race toward agile development success, look for solutions that rev up productivity. A good toolset will automate tasks, improve DevOps collaboration and support continuous integration.

And remember, in the immortal words of Dominic Toretto, “It ain’t just about being fast.” Sacrificing quality for speed will only slow you down later. Choose a development toolset that helps produce excellent code in record time.

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