Got any new ideas for Stat?

We have activated the “Ideas” portal on the Stat community for Enhancement Request submissions. Anyone in the Community can now post their enhancement requests on the Ideas portal. Community members along with Quest internal employees will be able to vote up/down ideas for consideration. Product Management will review the ideas and consider them for inclusion in future product releases. Please include a well-defined use case whenever possible. If you don’t have a well defined use case then the request will not be considered an actionable enhancement request.

Why would we do such a thing?

  • Product futures are the responsibility of Product Management.
  • Hosting enhancement requests on the community will allow users to discuss use cases with Product Management and other customers.
  • Customers will be able to vote up/down ideas which will help prioritize the requests and allow Product Management to focus on the enhancement requests that will benefit the most users.
  • The current process is not closed loop (black hole). Customers don’t receive feedback as to the status of their enhancement requests.

Where on the community page is the Ideas portal and where’s the link to post a new idea? See screenshot below: