Hippocrates Would Have Liked PAW-Boston Chowder

While I certainly appreciate Boston for its history, chowder, and marathon, it is the predictive analytics scene that keeps bringing us back year after year. I know that sounds odd, but the annual Predictive Analytics World (PAW) Boston event is a natural fit for Statistica, especially with the recent development of a predictive healthcare track. 


Healthcare's connection to predictive analytics arguably extends back to the ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates of Kos, who supposedly provided the instruction, “Declare the past, diagnose the present, foretell the future.” And if that isn't data-scientist-speak, I don't know what is! Hippocrates also touted the medicinal value of food, so I have no doubt he would have prescribed Boston clam chowder for its palliative effects, though I suspect he had his fill of seafood in his time (several hundred years before the birth of Christ).

Back then, of course, the healthcare system--if it could be called such--was comparatively simple, perhaps limited primarily to individual doctor-patient relationships. That simplicity is no longer the norm. During Statistica's mere 31-year legacy, our customers have driven us to develop expertise that guides healthcare organizations through the necessary components of data management and reporting, patient analytics, insurance risk reduction and regulatory compliance. You can learn about some of our healthcare successes in our datasheets, white papers, and videos

So, when it comes to targeted events like PAW-Healthcare in Boston, we get to be all over the place. Our newsletter readers (yes, you can subscribe for FREE) already received a short list of our PAW-Healthcare exposure, where we will be sharing our expertise face-to-face with modern-day physicians and data scientists at breakfasts, meetups, and presentations.