How do I maintain my customizations when upgrading to R12.2?

Quick blog to help  you save huge amounts of time which translates in to huge amounts of money and much smaller headaches!

According to the Customized Environments section (1-17) of the Oracle® E-Business Suite Upgrade Guide Release 12.0 and 12.1 to 12.2 Part No. E48839-13 documentation:

Caution: Customizing any concurrent program definitions, menus, value sets, or other seeded data provided by Oracle E-Business Suite is not supported. The upgrade process overwrites these customizations.

So, the upgrade process to 12.2.x overwrites any of these customizations and Oracle advises you to back them up!  Catch is, they don't tell you how to back up "just" this data.  Beyond a full database backup, they assume you would most likely do some sort of export of your customized data by way of a script that, if written correctly and accurately, will back up your customizations.  One operative word in that statement is "correctly"; the other is "accurately".  The one that's missing is "time".  Scripting this export will take some serious time due to the specificity of what you're backing up! Time is just not a luxury most of us have.  Enter Stat.

With Stat, you can very quickly and easily "backup" your customizations in one or several CSRs without having to script anything and by executing some very simple mouse clicks.  That's it!  Then, once you've upgraded, you simply drag and drop your archived customizations to your newly upgraded environment and viola!  You've restored your customizations!  No worrying that you transposed characters in your script or missed something because your backup was automated as is your recovery!

Now that we've made your life easier, go ahead and enjoy your time off!

Happy Upgrading!