K1000 GO Mobile Application v1.1 is Available!

 Did you know that the K1000 GO Mobile Application is the greatest thing since sliced bread? Well now you do!

We have experienced exponential growth in terms of the number of users downloading and using this fantastic application! We couldn’t be happier or more proud!

We’ve listened to everything our customers have had to say about our app. Our amazing development team rose to the challenge and put forth version 1.1 for your consumption! We’re confident that you will like this new version just as much as we do!

What’s new in 1.1?

  • iOS7 compatibility
  • Support for custom ticket fields (iOS only; Android support coming soon!)
  • Improved & streamlined login workflow
  • Many usability improvements, UI & design modifications

This new version of the application is available today on both platforms. If you already have the app installed on your devices, go ahead and update today to take advantage of all these new features and improvements!

Football game on Sunday… or software deployment on Sunday? Now you can do both with the K1000 GO Mobile Application! Deploy that software and root for your home team all from the comfort of your living room! Never miss a football game again!