Knowledge That Benefits Us All!

You’re smart, we know it! Our customers are intelligent people, our employees are intelligent people, and together we are one smart organization made up of internal and external minds.

How do we manage that knowledge and what is Knowledge Management (KM)?

According Google, KM is defined as:

Have you ever wondered how Quest handles KM or how it benefits you? Whether your answer is yes or no, keep reading - you’ll grow your knowledge!

Quest follows a KM methodology called Knowledge Centered Support (KCS), or recently renamed to Knowledge-Centered Service (KCSsm). KCS is the culmination of 24 years of collective thinking, investment, experimentation, and insight by the members of the Consortium for Service Innovation.  KCS is built into our support model, so in essence it is the way we work, support our peers and our customers.  We ensure we are:

  • Searching the Knowledge Base (KB) early and often for known issues. This allows us to provide answers to existing questions much quicker and spend more time on new requests.
  • We keep our KB up to date by giving all our employees the power to modify articles.
  • We capture new items and new knowledge in articles as we work, documenting them during our workflow means they are available for our peers and customers in a timely manner.

How can you benefit?

  • Search our KB via our Support Portal; the same KB that our Engineers use and maintain
  • Get quick answers to question no matter how small or complex they might be
  • Grow your knowledge by regularly visiting your products portal page

We know you’ll enjoy teaming with us via our knowledge base. If you love solving issues and helping others, share your knowledge with a larger audience by participating in our Knowledge Base (KB).

Yes, you too have the power to author KB articles! You can Join The Innovation by submitting KB articles here.