Foglight LDAP Group Integration for Virtualization Administrators

A customer recently asked if it was possible for Foglight to integrate with Active Directory.  To take it a step further, use the Member(s) of a existing Active Directory Group to access Foglight and when the Group Member(s) login, they can only see VMware related dashboards.

In Foglight,

Go-To Administration ->Users & Security Management -> Configure Directory Services

  • Edit and Enter the Location of the Nearest and Secondary LDAP server URLs
  • Edit and Enter the Settings (screenshots below)

          - The comma is required at the beginning of the LDAP query suffix.

          - Use the second and/or third group namespace(s) if your Groups are nested at that layer.

          - Always enter and confirm the password when making changes to Settings.

  • Distinguished name of the service account

          - This can be any account that has 'Read-Access' to Active Directory

  •  This is a view of my Active Directory Group and Members

  • LDAP query suffix
  • The scope(s) to search for groups
  • The LDAP context for user searching


  • Now, lets test by logging in with one of the Member(s) in the Active Directory Group

  •  The error below is By-Design because the User nor the Active Directory Group has any Roles to access Foglight.

  •  Login to Foglight using the Administrator Account

           - Go-To Administration -> Users & Security Management -> User Management -> Groups -> LDAP Groups...

           - You will see the Group imported from Active Directory 

           - Select the Group and 'Add Groups to be visible'


  • Assign the Active Directory Group the (6) Roles below.

  • Now, lets have 'eduardk' attempt to login again.
  • 'eduardk' logged in successfully and has access to the VMware Dashboards.

  • Now, have the remaining users in the LDAP Group, test logging into Foglight.
  • In Foglight (User Management), you will be able to see the User(s), Group(s) and Role(s).


For more information, visit our Foglight for Virtualization product page.