Making Flexibility a Priority: Quest vRanger & Bocada

As you may have seen, our friends at Bocada today announced that Vision, their new solution focused on managing the complexities of backup and recovery in virtual environments, now supports vRanger®, Quest’s market-leading, vSphere 5 certified, VMware backup, replication and recovery solution. We’ve been working with our counterparts at Bocada for months now to support their efforts to develop an API that would allow for the interoperability between the two products, so it goes without saying that we’re extremely proud of this news. Quest made the vRanger API available to the Bocada team, worked to educate them on the ins and outs of the product, and helped them access information in the vRanger database in order for their tool to render report tables and charts.


If you feel like you’ve seen a lot of this type of activity from Quest’s data protection team in recent months, it’s because you have. Throughout the year, we’ve completed and announced a host of interoperability initiatives with a variety of leading data protection vendors, including companies such as Riverbed, StorSimple and Quantum. And most recently, we announced that Quest has certified vRanger on HP StoreOnce Backup Systems to deliver a safe, efficient and cost-effective solution for backing up and recovering VMware virtual environments.


So why have we been so active and dedicated so much time to supporting these initiatives? In a word: Flexibility.


Quest understands that companies are intent on getting the most value they possibly can out of their new and existing IT investments, including their storage-related investments (both hardware and software), and we believe it’s our responsibility to ensure that our vRanger customers (all 38,000 and counting) have the flexibility they need to do just that. So if there’s a vendor out there, like StorSimple for cloud storage, Quantum for appliance-based deduplication, or Bocada for data protection service management, you can be sure we’ll be looking for ways to work with them.


Bocada specifically is a company we think can deliver real value to our customers. Among a host of great capabilities, Bocada Vision provides in-depth visibility into VM snapshot and backup activity, helping to ensure VM recoverability while showing users what resources are being used to protect VMs. Hats off to Bocada for all the hard work they put into this initiative. They have a great product, backed by a great team, and we encourage all of our customers to take a close look at what they have to offer.


As for Quest, we’ll continue monitoring the industry in search of opportunities to deliver even more flexibility to our great customers.

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