Mistakes are our friends… and a lot of fun

Mistakes happen – whether they’re made on purpose or by pure accident. No matter the reason, we can all agree mistakes happen.

While some environments repeatedly tell you that mistakes are bad, sometimes mistakes can be fun. Mistakes like outtakes and bloopers can be very amusing and even make us laugh so hard we cry or pee our pants just a tiny bit.

Recently, our intrepid marketing leader, Darin Bartik, narrated a series of product videos that are sprinkled throughout our website, like here and here. But, behind those polished videos are countless minutes of outtakes and fun little mistakes that haven’t seen the light of day…until now. When we asked Darin if it was okay to make this blooper reel, he jokingly stated:

"I'd be game. No shame. That said...I think I only messed up just once."

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