System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) Monitoring with Foglight

SCVMM is a solution for configuring and managing virtualization host(s), storage, networking, virtual machines and services to private clouds.

Foglight provides a SCVMM Server Summary Dashboard that allows you to view the health of the related items (with drill-down to the specific item), resource utilization across all hosts, service status, database status and alarms.

Related Items

Shows the Count and Alarm State (Normal, Warning, Critical, Fatal) for the components related to SCVMM.

Aggregated Resource Utilization

Shows the CPU, Memory, Network and Disk resources across all hosts.

Windows Service and Database Status

1) SCVMM Host – Drill Down to SCVMM Server (Example Below)

2) Database Host – Drill Down to MSSQL Server (Example Below)

3) Database Name

4) Service Status – State of the SCVMM Windows Service

5) Database Status – State of the SCVMM MSSQL Database


SCVMM Host -


Database Host -

For more information, visit our Foglight for Virtualization product page.